you are your greatest work

Creative Strategist

Comprehensive consulting centered around creative solutions that disrupt the market, transmute your weaknesses, and support the culture you want in your life and business. If you’re looking to keep up with the Jones’ this isn’t for you. If you’re looking to throw away the rulebook and reinvent the way your brand communicates with your audience… let’s talk. Packages start at $9,000

Art Commissions

From household brands to personal tattoos, I love it all. If your project is feeling the Amburrito vibes, I would love to hear more! Freelance art commission projects are currently on a three month waiting list and turnaround times vary. Minimum project budget is $2,000

Podcast + Being Human

‘Drunk on lust, hate, greed and fear; we have forgotten the requirement of the soul… to love.’ Our default setting is to experience life through our ego, traumas, influences and upbringing- but if we dare to push beyond the veils, we become conscious creators of our life and continuously better versions of ourself.

Keep It Local. Keep It Fresh.

We believe that food grown with love, and made with love makes all the difference. We appreciate our local farmers who replenish the land, and believe sustainability and doing our part is key. BODEGA dishes are always made from scratch with real ingredients; and sourced with local ingredients whenever is clever. Come visit our restaurant/bar/bakery in Marquette, Michigan! Bring your friends, or make some here.

Creative Gratitude

Being a survivor of childhood sexual assault and a traumatic upbringing, Because Marquette is my way of giving thanks to the places and community that helped me find my why and find my way. I am alive and everything I am today, because of Marquette. Thanks for supporting my journey, eh!

Buy The Trails A Beer

A product line and initiative focused on hydrating our trails through global reforestation. Trees filter our water, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, provide support and nutrients to our trails and supply habitat to countless forms of life. The least we can do is raise a glass to trees and the trails they keep watch over. All profits from the Toast To Trails line goes to planting trees where trees are needed most.

Get Creative, Get Outside!

It’s all about playing dirty. About getting outside, appreciating nature, racing to the finish and savoring the top. Exploring the outdoors is a magical experience we often take for granted. The Look Up line is dedicated to reminding us all to look up from our phones and remember to enjoy the moment. To be adventurous, to be curious, and most of all to be here now. Grab a free coloring page, get creative and get outside!

Make A Stink

If you haven’t noticed already, I love this little blue planet we’re on and appreciate the unique northern slice of it we get to enjoy. This is why all profits from the Fart Squirrel line go back in gratitude to the resources, organizations, regions and communities that keep it earth friendly. Thanks for helping us making a stink about the outdoors, eh!

Are You The TickPick Chick?

How TickPick went from a 4.4 review rating to a 1.6 and back again in three days. What a whirlwind this was for TickPick and Michigan; and what a great example of how powerful social media can be. Special thanks to Brett Goldberg for the wild ride and free beer! And a big thanks to Align5 for telling the story!

Marketing Agency

My fulltime work is with the award-winning agency PufCreativ in Denver, Colorado! PufCreativ is a full-service marketing firm that creates strategies and advertising solutions for your brand. From the ground up, we build your brand around your goals and bring your vision to life!

Product Testing +

If your product makes sense for a 35+ lesbian woman who loves adventure, started her first business at twelve and got her attention to detail from her detective Father… let’s talk. Sprinkle in 20+ years of designing, product development and marketing with brands across the globe and you’ve got yourself a unique perspective. Testing packages now include creative nudges and strategic brainstorming.