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Do something they will never forget.

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That Girl Who?

I was twelve years old when I first started teaching myself Photoshop. You know, back when the internet came in the mail from AOL.

made myself a website, targeted chat rooms and with the help of the internet’s anonymity started charging for my services at age thirteen.

There was always an initial shock from clients when a thirteen year old girl would walk into their business and deliver design work with her Mother in tow. 

Clients started referring to me as That Girl Amber, and the rest as they say… is herstory. 

20+ Years Later… and I’m Still Obsessed

I don’t bring my Mom to client meetings anymore, but I do still bring that young passionate love for creativity to every project I work on.
Currenlty I work remotely from my wooded home in Marquette, Michigan- collaborating with PufCreativ and Dashe & Thomson on clients all over the world. From high profile brands with global campaigns to local breweries looking for a wild design… I love it all.


Behold the power of social media! Click to see how TickPick went from a 4.4 review on Facebook, to a 1.6 and then back to a 4.3 in a total of 3 days!


I love designing around things I love.. and damn do I love Marquette! Click to see what happens when creativity answers the question: “Why do you live way up there?”


It’s the classic tale of a brand identity crisis. Full disclosure, my girlfriend owns BODEGA. But that means she listens to my advice… most of the time. 😉

That Girl Amber – Design Portfolio

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Click to browse some portfolio work. High-end portfolio work available upon request after signing an NDA.

Let’s Get Creative

What It Means To Be Creative

The worst move you can make, is the move that everyone else is making.
So let’s bust a move that nobody has seen before.

Creative Direction

Remember when the teacher would tell you to put your thinking cap on? It’s time to dig that cap out of the closet!
Creative direction is where design meets strategy, and is the most important piece to the puzzle. Marketing without disruptive creative, is a complete waste of money.

Take the time and effort to use your thinking cap before hitting the gas, and you’ll be blown away by the difference in results. 
Allowing time for creative direction is mandatory for any client or project That Girl Amber is a part of. Trust me, it’s worth it. 

Want to get your Creative Direction started?
Click below and let’s make something great!

Marketing Strategy

No Plan = No Customers
There is so much more to marketing than buying up a bunch of advertising. Marketing is all about communicating. But before you start talking to your target audience, you need to learn who your audience is.

Does your target audience hear you?
Click below, and let’s make your brand voice hard to ignore!

A Crash Course In Strategy

  • Know your target customer, and know them well.
  • Research your competitors, but don’t hate on them.
  • Choose your advertising channels, and choose them wisely.
  • Break down your sales funnel, and start driving conversions!

Okay, But What Do You Actually Do?

It’s hard to put your services in a box, when creatively you do everything you can to stay out of it. I’ve done everything from puppeteering to dressing up as a T-Rex, all in the name of marketing.
Below should give you a pretty good idea though.
If you have a need, a desire, or a wild idea… we’ll find a way to get it done.
And if it’s a job for an entire creative team, don’t worry… I know people.


Posters to billboards, stickers to t-shirts, social graphics to digital ads, and everything in between. 


Don’t judge a book by the cover, but know that your customers are judging your business by your site.


Social media is the new word of mouth.
Are people talking about your brand?


Logo design isn’t very helpful without a brand identity, voice, and targeted audience to work with.


Digital advertising, traditional advertising, and our favorite… guerilla marketing.


A photo is worth 1,000 words, unless it’s not a very good photo. Is your content saying enough?

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