When clients say: “But social media isn’t really that big of a deal, right?”
I show them this.

What a whirlwind this was for TickPick and Michigan; and what a great example of how powerful social media can be.
The most important thing to remember about social media (and marketing in general) is that behind all those clicks, likes, and shares… are real people.
Special thanks to Brett Goldberg for the wild ride… and free beer.
And a  big thanks to Align5 for telling the story perfectly!

The TickPick Story

 TickPick is a ticket marketplace (similar to StubHub but without the hidden fees) and is based out of New York City. 

The interactive map on their website was missing a vital piece of the United States… the Upper Peninusla of Michigan. Unfortunately, the problem went viral after an employee at TickPick used damaging words to reply to the problem. 

But with a little bit of effort and some audience-based strategy, we were able to turn a negative viral presence into a positive viral movement. 


TickPick went from a 4.4 review on Facebook, to a 1.6 and then back to a 4.3 in a total of 3 days!


 The Upper Peninsula of Michigan was missing from TickPick’s interactive map on their website. One of TickPick’s employees unfortunately replied with: “Isn’t it just a bunch of forests? We got the important part of Michigan.” 


News traveled fast and anyone who lives or loves the Upper Peninsula reacted fiercely with one star reviews pouring in from all over. TickPick’s Facebook rating went from a 4.4 to a 1.6 overnight. Literally. 


After Brett Goldberg, CEO of TickPick, read my suggestion to buy the U.P. a beer- he hopped on a plane from NYC that same day and found his way to Marquette, Michigan to make things right.


As promised, Brett came to Blackrocks Brewery in Marquette and bought the whole town a beer as a gesture of apology. Also as promised, I met him there with a Stormy Kromer, pasty and some Yooper swag.


Although TickPick was able to reach a majority of Yoopers with their visit, they still had a 2.2 rating. So we decided to use the power of social media to remedy the situation and bring their rating back up with the Yooper Blooper Giveaway!

1.6 to 4.3

Within 24 hours ratings went from 1.6 to 4.0 and within 48 hours TickPick was officially at a 4.3 rating.








As a bonus to the story, TickPick gave me free tickets to a bucket list concert at Red Rocks Theater to see The XX!

Thanks again TickPick! For the beer, concert and most importatly for doing the right thing.

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